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Owning property is an intelligent investment, especially when you know how to take full advantage of it. Let REMS show you how to get all the benefits of property ownership while retaining most of your time for other pursuits.

Our online property management system will give you convenient access to your account and files 24/7, so you remain in control while we deal with the nitty-gritty of property management! We know owning property is a wise investment. Let REMS show you how to get all the benefits of property ownership and still retain one of your most valuable assets and more time for other pursuits.

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Why Property Owners Choose Us

Real Estate Management Solutions, LLC aims to make property ownership as simple as possible. Along with keeping you updated on essential aspects of your account, our primary role is a liaison between you and your tenants. Included with our services:


This includes rent collection, bills payment, and monthly financial statement preparation. All of your files can be accessed right here on our site. We will be happy to explain further how your files are made available to you securely, 24 hours a day.


We ensure your property is shown by professionals who know how to convey all the unique benefits of each listing to potential renters.


By properly screening potential renters, including background and credit checks, we ensure that your spaces are leased with care. To view how thorough we are, you may like to take a look at our Application For Occupancy form.


Making sure the needs of your renters are taken care of, and your building(s) are appropriately maintained are essential aspects of the success of your investment. Our professional team provides your tenants with quality and timely attention. In the event of an urgent maintenance request, they are available 24/7 to intervene in emergencies. Easy online access to submit Maintenance Requests by you or your tenants helps promote better care and may likely keep minor issues from becoming big ones.


As part of our property management services, your property will be promoted under our digital brand. We use various online channels for advertising our available properties. We also connect our owners with our preferred marketing vendor if they are interested in further promoting their properties for an additional fee.

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Frequently asked questions

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The property management professionals at Real Estate Management Solutions (REMS) specialize in managing properties and handling tenants. Our services include but are not limited to: collecting rent and deposits, working with clients and leases, billing, property maintenance, inspections, and more. With REMS, you can be as hand-on or as hands-off as you want to be. We will rent your property while you reap the benefits of property ownership!

We promote all of our rentals, with photos, on our website, through word of mouth, and through the use of social media platforms.  Our rentals can be found on Facebook Marketplace,, Craigslist, and more.

We require all prospective tenants 18 and older to complete our application process. We screen for sufficient income and strong work history. We conduct background checks to screen for past housing issues such as evictions, bankruptcies, etc. We contact present and past landlords to ensure all applicants are renters in good standing – all of this is done before we offer a showing. We strive to ensure that all prospective tenants are qualified tenants.

You decide how involved you want to be.  We will do all of the management or some of it. Let’s discuss just what role you see yourself playing in caring for and profiting from your properties.

REMS has a fully staffed maintenance crew who tends to most maintenance needs unless a specialized licensed professional is required. However, we understand that many property owners have “go-to” vendors already in place to take care of HVAC, plumbing, painting and more.  We work with you to keep your properties running well.

REMS manages residential (single and multi-family units), commercial, mobile home parks and storage properties.

For our residential and commercial leases, we use Tenants can log on to the tenant portal and pay monthly or set up auto pay.  We also accept check and cash in person or via the mail. For our storage facilities, we use, a cloud-based system where tenants can set up auto-pay, can enter and pay monthly, can call to make a payment with one of our staff, or tenants can mail in checks or money-orders for manual entry by one of our staff.

We recognize that time is money, so we do everything we can to quickly and efficiently rent units as they become available. We inspect every property after it is vacant so we can recommend cleaning, repair, or replacement services. We screen every applicant thoroughly so the best quality applicant is matched with the property that fits their needs and means.  Every case is different. 

We lease our properties on a “best fit” basis, meaning that the best, most qualified applicant will get primary consideration for open units.  If a property is in high demand, we do keep track of prospects who are highly interested so we can reach out to them when a vacancy comes along.

Acceptance of pets requires property owner approval – we establish this up front. While most of our units are pet friendly we do have some that are not. We charge a $200 pet deposit (refundable at move-out if no damages are noted.) Pet rent of $40/animal is charged with a limit of two pets per property. We consider pets on a case by case basis with breed and weight in mind. We ask that you check with your insurance agent to determine if you have any requirements we need to follow.